Need Live Drum Tracks? Servicing established producers, home recording artists and tv/film composers worldwide.

The most common roadblock to the aspiring songwriter is the high cost and limited access to talent and studio resources. In most cases budgets are an issue, which leads to compromised sounds and “safe performances”. Even when funding is not an issue, finding musicians and producers who understand your music and inspire a new level of creativity can be difficult.

Brian McRae started DRUMOVERDUBS.COM to help songwriters and producers workdwide achieve their creative vision. Since 2000 Brian’s passion and profession has been creating and playing drum tracks that exceed expectations.

"I've done quite a few sessions remotely like this - and this is BY FAR the best experience I've had, so thank you very much for your diligence and professionalism."
~ David Chapman

His broad palate of sounds combined with an extremely diverse musical background gives him a unique ability to enhance recording projects of any style.

DRUMOVERDUBS.COM is a simple affordable way to remotely collaborate with an experienced and creatively charged drummer.

DRUMOVERDUBS.COM provides the environment that removes the pressure and focuses on results.

Just send your stems and within hours you’ll be contacted about your project and shortly thereafter you will recieve custom, professional, live drum tracks for your song.

So listen to the samples and if you like what you hear, press the contact button to talk about your recording project.